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Offering pickup and delivery service!

Don't feel like bringing your guitar to me? I can come to you! Depending on your location in the Greater Charlotte, NC area, I can pick up your instrument and drop it off when it's ready.

Your initial consultation visit is 50% of the pickup/delivery, and if your guitar needs to come to my garage, the remainder of the pickup/delivery is added to your invoice.

Your Guitar Mechanic- Professional quality and friendly service from Patrick Sanders

Meet Your Mechanic

Your guitar is in good hands...

  • Restrings

    Like an oil change to a vehicle, nothing gets an electric guitar, acoustic or classical guitar or bass sounding better than a fresh, sparkling new set of strings.

  • Your Guitar Mechanic- Repair and service for all types of guitar tremelo systems


    You need to get a tune-up at least once a year. This is the best way to get any acoustic or electric guitar or bass running in tip top form.

  • Your Guitar Mechanic- Electronic repair services for guitars and bass

    More Services

    Sometimes you have to get under the hood and make some more serious modifications to get the most performance from your guitar.


Your 2nd Guitar Service is 10% off!

Call (980) 202-0676 or email me for an appointment today! You'll hear back from me within 24 hours...Guaranteed!

  • Your Guitar Mechanic- All forms of digital payment accepted
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Your Guitar Mechanic- Utilizing only the most top of the line equipment and tools
Your Guitar Mechanic- Fretwork for all guitars and bass
Your Guitar Mechanic- Complete guitar and bass repair and services
Your Guitar Mechanic- Repair and service for all types of guitar tremelo systems
Your Guitar Mechanic- friendly customer service
Your Guitar Mechanic- your guitar will leave the sop working at peak performance
Your Guitar Mechanic- Fender Stratocaster
Your Guitar Mechanic- pickup installation
Your Guitar Mechanic- electronic repair, installation and service