About Me

Hello... my name is Patrick and I'm Your Guitar Mechanic.

It all started when I was 10 years old, 1977, and my uncle Steve was playing his guitar at the family cabin in Jamestown, ND. I was mesmerized. He noticed I was enthralled with what he was doing with the instrument, and he said something like "Here... want to try?" and passed the guitar to me. It was a dark-toned Harmony acoustic with f-holes. Very fancy. I think he tried to show me an A major chord because it was the easiest. Just slap a forefinger onto the 2nd fret and go. He then asked "You want it?" Coolest gift ever!

Fast forward to 1982, and my first electric guitar. I bought it with my own money from a Sears catalog. How else was a kid from Eagle River, Alaska going to get an electric guitar? It was a cheap, burgundy Les Paul copy, but it got the job done. I had so much to learn! One day I took a "sick day" from school, stayed at home, and set out taking the poor thing apart. I meticulously arranged every little piece so as not to lose anything, and I discovered what made it tick. Finally got it all back together and continued playing it well into the late 80s.

Since that day in 1977, I've owned a lot of guitars. Some expensive brand names, and some very budget-friendly beasts. I've learned a lot about how proper setups, correct intonation, precise fret care, new strings and modifications could get the most from each guitar. I'm now an avid collector and player, and am constantly working on my collection. I've been certified by Southeast Guitar Repair Academy, and would like to bring my experience to you and your instruments.

Much like owning a vehicle and taking care of it, with regular oil changes and tune-ups, your guitar and your playing, can benefit from regular instrument TLC. Contact me today and let's get the most from your guitar.